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PC World " differentiates itself by providing extra links that are relevant to the search topic. For instance, I searched on RoadTrek, a small RV I'm looking to buy, and came up with links in a format that was easy to access."
Steve Bass, 'Essential Websites'.
PC Mag "There's one problem with all these new sites… I can't possibly squeeze in more than one or two new ones, and that's why I've embraced It's an aggregators' aggregator, combining many of the newest vertical search sites along with Google and Yahoo. A single search delivers jobs from Indeed, travel from Kayak, prices from, and even related eBay auctions. Web searching is evolving much as magazines did…Will Google and Yahoo follow Look and LIFE into oblivion? It's too early to tell, but I'd rather visit"
Jim Louderback, PC Magazine.
Forbes ", a one-stop shop with lots of content and services..."
David Whalen, Forbes Magazine 'Start Your Engines'.
"The powerful new produces much more information and many more features from your search than on any metasearch site I've examined."
Peggy Rogers, The Miami Herald 'Searching for a Search Engine'.
"While [Snap, Copernic,, Clusty, Blinkx, Speciality Search] may not be destined to be verbs like Google, they do suggest that the titans of the Web search industry have no monopoly on innovation ... also offers a novel shortcut - the ability to enter a query directly into the address bar of Internet Explorer. Type into your browser and a results page will come up directly, without requiring a visit to"
Leslie Walker, The Washington Post 'Online Search is Expanding'.
" is like a search of search engines with a one-stop approach to navigating the Web..."
Stephen Rynkiewicz, Chicago Tribune 'Search Site Combines the Results of its Rivals'.
"'s PR folks called me and convinced me that this search engine/aggregator was worth giving a try. After using it for a week, I had to admit that it's the first place to go when you really want to get facts fast.."
Ernest Lilley,
"I do reccommend that you try It would seem to me that we would all want to search this way."
Radio Interview with Dave Graveline, Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline radio talk show.
" is the happening thing. There is no doubt that this is going to become the official site of the Computer Outlook. I just love it, I love it a lot, it's just so useful."
Radio Interview with John Iasula, Computer Outlook radio talk show.
"If you're a college student or you're doing any kind of research, this is the place to be. You can get as deep as you want."
Radio Interview with Alan Ashendorf, Let's Talk Computers.
"I like your engine... I think you just got a new client. We encourage people to take a look at and see what there is... It's a more sophisticated way of thinking regarding search."
Radio Interview with Cindy Turrietta, eMarketing talk show.
"I really have not given its due...I can't tell you how impressed I am with The vertical searches are represented on the opening screen on by a series of tabs in a very simple, easy-to-read, uncluttered interface. - search like you don't normally see on the Internet like Google, Yahoo, and all the rest of the guys, we're talking about meta search here, and I'm very impressed."
Radio Interview with Dave Mason, Computer Talk with Dave Mason.
" acts as a gateway for users so they do not need to go to multiple sites for news, shopping, searches and other Web activities. An added benefit are the prominently displayed tabs on, which allows searchers to quickly access various fields in formation on a single subject without having to re-enter their search.'s additional information sources also go beyond traditional metasearch offerings..."
Webpro News 'New Search Platform Gets Results from 14 Search Engines'.
" is a metasearch engine that queries and combines results from Google and 13 other leading search engines and online directories, including Teoma, AltaVista, Fast, Overture, Inktomi, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo."
Howard Wolinsky, Chicago Sun-Times 'Chicago Newcomer Packs a Wallop of Gaggle of Googles'.
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